The People’s Embassies of Belarus warmly welcomes the European Parliament’s resolution on the situation in Belarus after one year of protests and their violent repression. The adoption of the resolution marks an important milestone in the ongoing international efforts aimed at supporting the people of Belarus in its struggle for peaceful resolution of a deep political and social crisis provoked by the defeated incumbent’s refusal to hand over the power to the presidential candidate elected by the overwhelming majority of the voters.

The People’s Embassies of Belarus underlines that the ongoing crisis must be resolved while guaranteeing full respect of the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Belarus and therefore notes with satisfaction para. 24 of the resolution highlighting the illegality of Lukashenka’s rule and rejecting all agreements made by Lukashenka on behalf of the Belarusian state, notably after the expiry of his presidential term on 5 November 2020.

The People’s Embassies further notes the resolution’s call on the EU Member States for maintaining and expanding contacts and cooperation with the representatives of the democratic Belarus which in the current situation are the only legitimate representatives of Belarusian people.

In its capacity of a body mandated by the resolution of the World Belarus Congress adopted on the 1 November 2020 to protect the rights and interests of Belarusians abroad, the People’s Embassies of Belarus will continue to establish and maintain contacts with government agencies, media, public associations, trade unions, business, educational and cultural circles in their respective countries in order to promote Belarusian citizens’ rights and interests and represent a democratic Belarus in coordination with national leader – Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the National Anti-Crisis Management and the Coordination Council (Belarus).

The text of the Resolution: here