We (The People’s Embassy of Belarus in the UK) are aware of a statement issued today by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of the Republic of Belarus describing a violent incident that took place outside the Belarus Embassy in London, during the evening of Sunday 19th December 2021. This incident was not part of any organised protest or other actions organised by any of the Belarusian diaspora in the United Kingdom, or any other protest groups known to us.

We understand from the Belarus MFA statement and some media reports that a small number of individuals were involved in a violent incident outside the Belarus Embassy in London involving Embassy staff.

This incident was not at a time when any organised protest events were being carried out. We are aware that a peaceful protest event took place earlier in the day, but that event had dispersed by 15.30.

We unreservedly strongly condemn violent attacks on individuals. The attacks by the Belarus authorities on peaceful Belarus protesters have been a common theme of peaceful protests against the Belarus authorities, in London.

Any incident which took place in London at the Belarus Embassy could only have involved persons acting individually, and whilst they may at times have attended events associated with the Belarus diaspora there was no such event taking place at the time at which reports state a violent attack occurred on a member of the Belarus diplomatic staff.

Many protests have taken place in the UK against the fraudulent Presidential Election in Belarus on 9th August 2020, against the violence of the authorities against the Belarus people, and about the imprisonment of hundreds of political prisoners in Belarus. All these protest events in the UK have been peaceful, have not been associated with any violent incidents and will continue to be peaceful and non-violent.