The People’s Embassy of Belarus in the United Kingdom and the British Belarusian community “Nadzeya” condemn the treacherous invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine, a heinous crime committed jointly by the authoritarian regimes of Putin and Lukashenka.

Our thoughts and solidarity are with the people of Ukraine at this hour. There is no justification for cynical lies, violence, and cruelty of mad dictators, who are targeting innocent people on Ukrainian land. We know that those who are committing this terrible crime will have their inevitable punishment.

Belarusians around the world, wherever you are, on our native land or far beyond its borders, stand with the people of Ukraine!

1.  Act NOW! Contact Belarusians in your town and head over to your councils/magistrates etc to demonstrate your solidarity with Ukraine!

2.  Find the contacts of the local Ukrainian community NOW, contact them, show them your support and offer your help!

3.  Contact local political groups who might be responsible for sanctions against individuals and organizations for the human rights violations (the Magnitsky movement) and offer your help with imposing sanctions on the representatives of the criminal regimes and the members of their families who own businesses and properties in your country!

4.  Contact the immigration service of your country of residence and ask for a humanitarian corridor for the evacuation of thousands of Belarusians who fled from the Lukashenka regime to Ukraine and are unable to return to Belarus or stay in war-torn Ukraine!

5. Belarusians of our Homeland, please, do not participate or assist in any way in this shameful Russian aggression which our people have been drawn into by the illegitimate dictator Lukashenka by allowing Russian troops to attack Ukraine from the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Do not support Russian troops! Do not provide them with your assistance! Do not let them shoot at our Ukrainian brothers and sisters!

6.  Belarusians who work for this regime, do not participate in these crimes! Contact the democratic forces of Belarus and declare that you do not support the criminal regime, which has stained itself with another terrible crime – the genocide of the peaceful Ukrainian people!

We  are  united in our solidarity!

Слава Украине и Жыве Беларусь!

The People’s Embassy of Belarus in the United Kingdom

The British Belarusian community “Nadzeya”