Dear fellow countryman, brothers and sisters,

Belarusians!The People’s Embassy of Belarus in the UK and NADZEYA would like to congratulate all Belarusians on Freedom Day (“Dzen Voli”), the anniversary of the declaration of independence by the Belarusian Democratic Republic on 25 March 1918 after more than a century of occupation first by Imperial Russia and subsequently by Bolsheviks.

Throughout these dark years of Belarusian history, the spirit of freedom and independence has remained alive. And we won: on 25 August 1991 independence was declared for the Republic of Belarus.

Unfortunately, former President Alexander Lukashenko has once again brought our fatherland into captivity, becoming a puppet of Putin’s Russia, in order to retain his power. And now, we Belarusians, need to fight yet again to regain our freedom.

In our history, even in some of the most difficult and seemingly hopeless circumstances, Belarusians have sought freedom and independence again and again. We will continue our fight: and we will win. As in 1918, the newly founded independent Belarus and Ukraine fought the Bolshivik Russian Army, now many Belarusians are assisting Ukraine in their heroic defence of their country against Russian imperialistic aggression. The path to Belarusian freedom lies in Ukraine’s victory.

Let’s celebrate on Freedom Day!

Let’s celebrate it with faith in our victory.

Long live Belarus! 🤍❤️🤍